We're with you from beginning to win!

Who we are:


We are a group of like minded, experienced, professionals that offer two groups of services:

  Start-up and Business Incubation

  Operational and Functional Business Support

What we do:


Start-up and Business Incubation

  Proof of Concept

  Business Case Validation

  Start-up/Launch Services

  Funding Assistance



Operational and Functional Business Support

  Temporary Executive Leadership

  Back Office Operations and Shared Services

  Information Technology Services

  Managerial Consulting Services

Who we serve:


Since 2010, we have helped launch, incubate, manage, and consult with the following clients:


1595 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 204/250 * Cumming, GA * USA * 30041 Phone: (678) 438-3000

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